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MFA Guitar Camp


Wheelhouse (featuring Richie Kotzen)

“Wheelhouse” marks Howe’s tenth studio album, which was voted #6 of the top 20 best guitar albums of the decade by Guitar World Magazine

Tracks like “Tempest Pulse” and “Throw Down” showcase Howe’s infectious tone and fretboard wizardry while eclectic tracks like “2 In 1” combine a funk-infused vibe with Forties swing. But perhaps one of the biggest highlights on Wheelhouse; and one that long-time followers of Howe’s career will certainly find appealing, is the track, “Shady Lane”.

A song originally written by Howe and his brother back in the early Nineties, on Wheelhouse, "Shady Lane" is given a 21st century spin with an emotionally charged vocal performance by Richie Kotzen (Winery Dogs, Mr. Big). Kotzen also complements his fellow Shrapnel alumni by contributing a blistering guitar solo to the track as well.

Sound Proof

Released 2008

Collection: The Shrapnel Years

Released 2006


Released 2003
featuring Victor Wooten & Dennis Chambers


Released 2000


Released 1999


Released 1997
featuring Richie Kotzen


Released 1996


Released 1995


Released 1995
featuring Richie Kotzen

Uncertain Terms

Released 1994


Released 1993

Greg Howe

Released 1988
featuring Billy Sheehan & Atma Anur


Wheelhouse Vinyl Limited Edition

Limited edition Vinyl LP (12" album, 33rpm) of 'Wheelhouse', featuring Richie Kotzen


2024 European Tour Announcement

Lost and Found


Throw down your own solo!

FREE backing track from the song ‘Throw Down’ off the album ‘Wheelhouse’.
For the full Wheelhouse album tabs and backing tracks Click Here!


Wheelhouse Voted #6 Album of the Decade

The Wheelhouse album was voted (by you) #6 of the top 20 by Guitar World Magazine the best guitar albums of the decade! A sincere thank you to all who voted and for all of the support that has been received over the years. Congrats to all the amazing players and albums on this list.

View full list

New Merchandise Available

The Greg Howe online store is up and running with added items such as t-shirts, music tablature, collectibles, and much more!

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Tilt Remake

Greg Howe Tilt remake 2020 (featuring Kael Wu and Ernest Tibbs)


Greg Howe jammin' on the classic "Sunny

Greg Howe Live

Greg Howe compilation video from various live performances

Oracle Solo

Greg Howe plays the guitar solo from "Oracle" off of the 'Maragold' album

Signature amp rundown

Greg Howe gives you a rundown on his new signature amp ‘DV Little GH 250 Tube’

Greg Howe Online
Webcam Lessons

Hang out with Greg Howe for a one on one video call to get a comprehensive insight on his guitar method and music in general. All sessions/lessons with Greg are completely customized to align specifically with the goals or requests of the student. Topics range from technique, to theory, to improvisation, to composition, to even drum sequencing and recording techniques, and much much more.
Each lesson is 1 hour a piece which are conducted via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and most leading video platforms.

- 1 lesson: $200.00 USD
- 4 lessons: $600.00 USD

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About Greg Howe

Legendary guitarist, Greg Howe, has developed a solid reputation as a technical innovator, particularly for his "hammer-on from nowhere" technique, legato runs, unusual time signatures, and linear tapping approach. His self-titled debut album "Greg Howe" is ranked tenth best shred album of all time by Guitar World Magazine.

In addition to being part of the 2018 GRAMMY® nominated band ‘Protocol IV’ which features Simon Phillips, Ernest Tibbs, and Otmaro Ruiz, Howe has produced, written and arranged ten solo instrumental studio albums along with two collaboration albums with Richie Kotzen of the Winery Dogs. Howe has contributed to a long list of albums/records by other legendary artists such as Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, Jason Becker, Billy Sheehan, Marco Minneman, and Eddie Jobson.


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