Greg Howe jammin' on "Sunny

Instagram video compilation

Greg Howe Jammin'

Kick it all over

Greg Howe live in Toronto

Live w/ Protocol

Greg Howe live with Protocol in Netherlands

Come And Get It

Greg Howe jammin' on "Come And Get It"

Greg Howe Live

Greg Howe compilation video from various live performances

Beat it solo

Greg Howe live on the Michael Jackson History Tour

A Delicacy

Greg Howe live on tour with Stu Hamm

"I Wonder" Live

"I Wonder" live from the Wheelhouse album


Greg Howe offers a personal tour of his gear.

Gear rundown

Greg Howe gives you his signature gear rundown

"Oracle" solo

Greg Howe plays the guitar solo from "Oracle" off of the 'Maragold' album

"Acute" Live

Greg Howe live in Mexico City

Instructional Video Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the new instructional video by Greg Howe where he discusses song writing, improvisation, technique, theory, and much much more!